Vintage Colt model JD Amos is built tough

Shirtless bodybuilder JD Amos
JD Amos - muscular construction worker with open pants showing big bulge in sexy underwear (Colt Studio Group)

Here’s a little throwback. Some vintage muscleman action. Don’t be fooled by JD Amos’ rugged exterior. He’s a manly man with a sexy secret: a fondness for delicate sexy underwear — specifically butt floss. You can watch this handsy handyman play with his tool in Colt solo videos such as Rawhide Load or Colt Vault Classics – Heating Oil.

JD Amos with pants down bending over showing a thong, butt floss (Colt Studio Group)
JD Amos full frontal nude with big uncut d**k (Colt Studio Group)

A body rippling in smooth naked muscle, COLT Man JD Amos is a living anatomy chart of defined muscular perfection. A body building god sporting an over-sized uncut c**k and a bubble butt chiseled from stone, JD shows off his goods with a sexy confidence that lives up to the COLT Icon standard. See for yourself in these rare photos collected for your intimate pleasure.

Colt Studio Group

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Colt Icons - Colt Man JD Amos - Colt Studio Group
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