Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal’s shameless flirtation

Tom Hallond cuddling with Jake Gyllenhaal
Tom Holland snuggling with Jake Gyllenhaal

The MCU is moving into a post-Cap & Bucky era, but no worries. Fans can book passage on a brand new ship. While Spidey/Mysterio was pretty much dead on a arrival, the real-life bromance of Spider-Man: Far From Home stars Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal is raising some eyebrows. Especially after a recent viral moment from the Far From Home press tour. Check it out the video after the jump… ??

I don’t even need this to be a gay thing or a sex thing. I’m just here for the purity of the way Tom Holland lights up when Jake Gyllenhaal looks at him. Seems like Tom can’t quit Jake. Is somebody feeling a Peter Tingle? In an Instagram birthday message to the Brokeback Mountain star, the British ginger snap tagged him as #husbandgoals.

Spider-Man (Tom Holland) shaking hands with Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Such a cute little butt!


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2 years ago

To be honest, it’s getting a little tiresome now. I used to love Jake, but now with this and his “bromance” with Ryan Reynolds I’m getting the feeling he’s just doing all of this to exploit a gay fanbase.

He’s obviously not gay, he’s stated he’s not several times.

It’s great that actors can be LGBTQ+ and it’s not an issue now, in fact it’s almost a positive thing to have that depiction in a movie or TV show, but when it’s no genuine and they’re doing it for attention it should make people angry.

I hate to say it, but I feel like Jake, and Tom, are cynically using us for clickbait.