Boob Tube Butts and High-Def Derrieres from Ethan Hawke, Colin Farrell, and More!

There were buns galore on the boob tube this week with Penny Dreadful: City of Angels and Insecure delivering the goods! We’ve also got the high-def derrieres of Ethan Hawke and Joshua Boone, as well as a birthday salute to eye-catching Irish lad Colin Farrell, with the best places to…

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Josh Hutcherson’s Gay Scene And A Bouncy Hard C**k!

* ? WARNING: This video contains sexually explicit footage and is intended for adults only! ? * The final season of Future Man brings hot gay lovin’ from Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson! Gregório Duvivier shows his super erect c**k in Invisible Life, the Blu-ray of American Pie Presents The Naked…

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Social Distancing: Hottest Celebrity Masturbation Videos!

* 🔞 WARNING: This video contains sexually explicit footage and is intended for adults only! 🔞 * We’re learning social distancing from the pros this week with the hottest celebrity self-loving scenes in Hollywood history! Rub one out to Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse, Ian Somerhalder in The Rules of…

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#FullFrontalFriday — Bel Ami’s Ryan McKenna and Jeff Mirren drop their shorts

Guest photographer Benno Thoma is back with us today for our Art Collection set of images with Jeff Mirren and Ryan McKenna. Benno has chosen to split this set into 2 scenarios, the first a ‘selfie’ session in bed, and then a more striking and artistic outdoor session. Either way,…

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#FullFrontalFriday — Michael Fassbender flopping & jiggling

He’s gotten some stiff competition recently, so it’s worth remembering which A-List actor popularized the full frontal big flopping c**k shot trend that’s become all the rage recently. That would be one Michael Fassbender, who unashamedly paraded his jiggling ass cheeks and big swinging dingus across the big screen in…

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Bel Ami’s Niko Vangelis wrestles Freshmen Viggo Sorensen into submission

Michael Stokes evokes some classical imagery in this Greek wrestling themed erotic photo shoot featuring Bel Ami hunks Niko Vangelis (the big dominant one) and Viggo Sorensen (his tight little submissive). This looks like the start of something good! (Click the pic to take the asterisks off their d***s!)