Who wants to see Matt Bomer’s penis?

Let it be known that September 2020 was the month that gave us all you can eat celebrity man meat. Or rather two A-list c**k shots anyway. And thus far this is the only good thing to come out of the Hell Year that is 2020. Not enough to redeem the other eleven months mind you, but it’s something at least.

First we had Captain America giving us the c**k shot heard round the world. And now we have Superman (from one of DC’s animated features) showing us his full bush, balls and c**k root.

It happens during a nude shower scene from the 2020 remake of The Boys In the Band where we see Matt Bomer in all his gay glory stepping out of a steamy shower while gabbing with his onscreen lover Jim Parsons. His perfectly sculpted ass is also a highlight in some erotic shots from behind frosted glass. And his abs are totally on point. Did he train for this? This is easily his hottest nude scene since the Ken Doll number from Magic Mike.

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