A brief look at bodybuilder Csaba Szigeti (aka Bel Ami’s Kris Evans) in tighty whities

Much like his Bel Ami co-star Hoyt Kogan, Kris Evans’ “legit” modeling career continues apace — evan as Bel Ami continues to release new footage. In his latest scene, Csaba/Kris is paired with the slender Helmut Huxley, who really likes a man with muscles. Check it out!

Kris Evans in an “Art Collection” by Dylan Rosser for Bel Ami’s HUNGarian Summer

Our HUNGarian special could not be complete without a photo special of super star Kris Evans. The one we chose for the occasion was taken during our excursion to Australia and comes from the seaside town of Byron Bay and was taken by Dylan Rosser. Although Kris was quite into…

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A familiar, um, face! … Fitness model Csaba Szigeti bulging in short shorts

As you can see from his short shorts, fitness model and competitive bodybuilder Csaba Szigeti isn’t even a little bit shy. Probably because he’s already known the world over as Kris Evans of Bel Ami Studios fame. (Not to be confused with that other Chris Evans.) While Csaba is mostly…

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