#SundayBunDay — Brandon Kent’s bare-butted football fantasy

Football player Brandon Kent showing his cute naked butt in a jockstrap
Brandon Kent erotic football nudes (Randy Blue)

Brandon Kent has the most handsome face, with gorgeous eyes and very sensual lips. His dark facial scruff just added to the manly aura that filled the room when he entered. His body is amazing. Very natural, not overly worked out but incredible looking. He’s got just the right amount of body hair to give him a very masculine look without being too hairy. He’s got beautifully rounded mushroom head on the thick shaft of his c**k that’s just perfect for a hand to wrap around. And he knows how to jerk himself off like he’s been doing it all his life and has it down to a science. Listening to his sexy breathy voice as he moans softly at first and then louder is so hot. And as he works his hands up and down his d**k he pauses here and there to let the reverberations of his impending orgasm spread through his body so when he’s ready to shoot he’ll feel it from his head to his toes. And I must say that my favorite part of the video is the very end. He has a nice big cumshot, making a huge mess, but then he doesn’t just go clean up, he nurses his cockhead by gently stroking it, getting the most out of the experience and prolonging the orgasm so it lasts for a few minutes even after he’s blown his load.

Randy Blue
Erotic football shoot with model Brandon Kent
Sexy shot of football player Brandon Kent showing pubes
Football player Brandon Kent in shoulder pads putting a hand down his pants
Shirtless football player Brandon Kent
Brandon Kent with football pants down showing plumber's crack
Brandon Kent barely wearing his football uniform
Brandon Kent with his football uniform pants down
Nearly nude football play Brandon Kent in nothing but shoes, socks & a cup
Brandon Kent pulling his jock straps up his butt
In socks and a jockstrap, Brandon Kent showing off his butt cheeks
Football player Brandon Kent in a jock showing off his cute butt
Bare butted football player Brandon Kent
Bare-assed Brandon Kent with a football in a jockstrap squeezing his naked butt cheek
Sexy side view of semi-nude hunk Brandon Kent
Brandon Kent has a cute butt in socks and a jock
Brandon Kent showing side butt naked except for shoes, socks and a jockstrap
Brandon Kent showing taint and butt cheeks while manspreading
Brandon Kent with his hunk in a cup and butt cheeks showing
Brandon Kent covering his crotch with a cup

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Randy Blue
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Gordon Harris
Gordon Harris
1 year ago

Nice ass.