Steven Lee rails Jackson Cooper in Falcon Studios’ Fill Me Deep

Steven Lee making out with Jackson Cooper in Falcon's Fill Me Deep

As Steven Lee tells Jackson Cooper what he typically looks for in a guy, muscles, tattoos and a big beefy butt, Jackson realizes he’s 3 for 3 on the checklist. Agreeing that they both first came out as young twinks, when Steven was more of a bottom while Jackson was a total top, those tables have turned, and Steven only wants to drill a hot ass. Now vers hunk Jackson readily gives it up for that long thick d**k swinging between Steven’s legs. Tall and muscular, the two are well matched, and t-shirts and jeans come off to reveal their sculpted bodies and big c***s. After mutual blowjobs to get them both rock hard, they keep true to form, and Steven mounts Jackson’s hot raw ass, plowing him bareback and deep to prove that the best things in life come in spurts.

Falcon Studios
Shirtless gay porn star Steven Lee in Falcon's Fill Me Deep.
Jackson Cooper showing off his cute naked butt in Falcon's Fill Me Deep.
Jackson Cooper's got a cakey ass in Falcon's Fill Me Deep.
Steven Lee giving Jackson Cooper a kiss in Falcon's Fill Me Deep.
Steven Lee kissing Jackson Cooper while f*****g him in the missionary position.

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