Nyle DiMarco just turned 30, See him in his birthday suit!

Nyle DiMarco's cute butt in tight boxer briefs.

Attitude celebrated Nyle DiMarco‘s 30th birthday with a roundup of some of his sexiest pics and some behind the scene footage of one of his semi-nude photo shoots. While watching the video showing the actor/model/activist with a snake coiled around his nude body, it occurred to me that someone on that set was on underwear duty. Someone had to step in and help him out of his tighty whities. Imagine being the guy with that job!

A naked Nyle DiMarco with a snake wrapped around his nude body.
Nyle DiMarco in boxer briefs. Nice ass!
Sexy Nyle DiMarco with women tearing at his clothes.
Nyle DiMarco in slick leather pants and vest.
Nyle DiMarco apparently nude.

* ? See Nyle DiMarco’s thirstiest moments at Mr. Man! ? *

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