“Jax and Robbie have some fun in the sun riding bikes on the beach…”

Shirtless Sean Cody hotties Jax & Robbie at the beach.
Robbie & Jax at the beach. (Sean Cody)
Another look at Jax & Robbie from their pre-hookup play date at the beach. (Click to watch them f**k!)

Jax and Robbie have some fun in the sun riding bikes on the beach. Back at home and ready to relax, the hunks cuddle up by the bed where Robbie starts rubbing Jax’s hard c**k over his shorts. “Jax got some sun today,” says Robbie. “Because I didn’t get enough sunscreen, he is going to have to get a lot of d**k,” responds Jax. “I’ll make up for it”, says Robbie. Robbie continues rubbing Jax’s c**k getting him excited. “I have to bury that in your a*****e and destroy your s**t today,” says Jax. “I’m ready to be get taken care of,” responds Robbie. “He is such a whore for d**k,” laughs Jax. “I love to taste them and take them. Treat them well, treat them right,” says Robbie before Jax pushes him down on the bed.

Sean Cody

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Shirtless hunk Jax from Sean Cody at the beach.
Jax from Sean Cody posing shirtless
Shirtless twink Robbie from Sean Cody at the beach.
Robbie & Jax posing together shirtless at the beach
Backside view of Jax & Robbie posing shirtless at the beach.

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Bubble butted Brandon at Sean Cody

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