Hold on to your butts! Colin fellates Gino…

Colin Hewitt giving Gino Mosca a blowjob
Colin Hewitt going down on Bel Ami fan favorite Gino Mosca.
A c**k-hungry Colin Hewitt can’t wait to get Gino Mosca out of his shorts. (Click for more Bel Ami boys.)

Here’s an erotic interlude that’s a bit of a Thursday throwback from a few years ago, featuring Gino Mosca — one of my all-time porn faves. When Gino brings the equally adorable Colin Hewitt some juice, Colin repays Gino for his trouble by giving him a breakfast blowjob. Gino — always a charmer — is more than happy to return the favor. These softcore snapshots are just a tease. You can find the full sexually explicit scene at Bel Ami Online.

Butt cheeks & blowjobs! Colin Hewitt grabs Gino Mosca's cute butt while giving him oral sex.
Colin Hewitt squeezes Gino Mosca's sweet cheeks while giving him a blowjob.
Gino Mosca's sweet little ass clenches as he thrusts his hard c**k into Colin Hewitt's mouth.
Colin Hewitt holds Gino Mosca's cute butt while giving him fellatio.
Colin Hewitt sucking Gino Mosca's d**k.
Bel Ami's Gino Mosca enjoying a blowjob at breakfast.
Gino Mosca returns the favor by sucking Colin Hewitt's c**k.
Gino Mosca giving Colin Hewitt some head.
Always happy to help a buddy out! Colin Hewitt getting some friendly fellatio from Gino Mosca.

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