Happy Independence Day in this hellish 2020!

Rick Wolfmier sexy sailor
Sexy sailor Rick Wolfmier feeling patriotic. Classic Colt Studios model.
A timeless photo of vintage beefcake model Rick Wolfmier as a sexy sailor courtesy of Colt Studio Group.

COLT Man Rick Wolfmier made a lasting impression with COLT fans with his dreamlike fantasy scenes on the beaches of Hawaii. With his perfect body builder’s physique on full display and with his sensuous and passionate interactions with his equally impressive co-star Mike Betts… Rick Wolfmier’s godlike presence on the beach translates just as magically in the studio. Rick’s sensuous nature and his rugged masculinity pierce through the camera lens to connect directly to his many admirers. To those loyal fans and the new, we offer this latest collection of rare photographic gems.

Colt Studio Group

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Rick Wolfmier Colt Icon
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