#FullFrontalFriday — Deacon dares you to come suck his d**k!

Sean Cody's Deacon manspreading while nude
Sean Cody hunk Deacon (aka Johnny Donovan) sitting in a chair completely naked with his large uncut c**k dangling between his spread legs.

The very delicious Sean Cody hunk Deacon (who can be found on Twitter under his real name Johnny Donovan) dangles the most tempting offer right in front of your face. It’s a full frontal nude from that time when he spent a perfect day in the pool with Manny.

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It’s a perfect day at the pool for Deacon and Manny. The hunky studs get wet and wild, starting off the afternoon with an athletic handstand f**k. Things only get more heated from there, as Deacon stretches out Manny’s a*****e in the bedroom. The two cum-hungry models help each other get cleaned up before going back at it on the couch!

Sean Cody

* Join Sean Cody to watch Deacon pile-drive Manny! *

Bubble butted Brandon at Sean Cody


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2 years ago

I been hard up since quarantine. the way I’m feeling right now I could crawl over broken glass and hot coals to get a taste of that peen.