Carlitos lavando su caballo

Shirtless Carlitos in baggy shorts with a horse
Shirtless Carlitos in baggy shorts with a horse

Is “hot shirtless guys washing things in baggy shorts” a niche? Because if it isn’t already Insta-hunk Carlitos — from Carlitos Club Fans — is doing his part to make it a thing down in Cuba doing the whole “Farmer Juan” thing where he’s just washing his “Ferrari.” He also finds time to milk a cow and tend some crops. Corn isn’t the only vegetable that’s growing on this ranch. Apparently he’s got some eggplant too. Check it out.

Carlitos growing some corn
Carlitos rubbing his crotch
Carlitos unfastening his belt
Carlitos milking a cow
Carlitos farming in his underwear, nice bulge
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