All good things…

Sexy Dolph Lambert full frontal nude (Bel Ami Art Collection)
Beautiful blond Bel Ami boy Dolph Lambert is thinking about you & touching himself.

This was the last thing published on my old Tumblr before all my posts & reblogs started getting flagged for imminent banning. Ah, well. Nothing lasts forever. Though I will try to salvage some of the ol’ micro blog bit by bit.

It seems our corporate gatekeepers are becoming increasingly more puritanical as they try hto bury or outright ban mature content. With that in mind, I’ve created this site as a kind of “safe space” for adult content — albeit content with a softer edge — to serve as a link to more explicit platforms. This site will have an “R-rated” (or “TV-MA”) content standard, so there won’t be too much full frontal. That said, lovely Dolph (pictured above) is still flaccid, so I’ll allow it. And I’ll award him five out of five Floppy Fassbenders.

So. If you ran a banned Tumblr and relocated to a new platform with adult friendly communities, feel free to drop a link into the comments section.


* ? See even more of Dolph at Bel Ami Online! ? *

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