AAG models share Marcuse swimwear… Who wore it best?

Dominic Calvani & Thomas in the ocean
Dominic Calvani & Thomas in the ocean
AAG models Dominic Calvani & Thomas wade out into the ocean. By Michael Downs.

Seeing four different AAG models in four different photo shoots all wearing the same Marcuse swimsuit left me wondering something. Were they each wearing a different swimsuit — but all in the same Radiant red striped print? Or were they all sharing the same exact speedo? I dunno… The thought of them squeezing their man parts into the same moist and musky intimate garment is, well, kinda gross… But also kinda hot. Sort of like sex.

Anyway, who wore it best?

Dominic Calvani at the beach in a sex speedo by Michael Downs
The sun’s going down on Dominic Calvani in this bulging striped red speedo.
Bodybuilder Michael Hornat in a striped speedo
Sepia shot of bodybuilder Michael Hornat in a striped speedo
Big beefy bodybuilder Michael Hornat in sepia tones and in living color.
Peter Saffa in radiant red
Peter Saffa looking sleek and nearly nude in the Radiant red speedo.
The Fit Thomas in a Marcuse swimsuit
Fitness model Thomas brings tropic hotness and a nice speedo bulge.

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