Valentine’s crush… Luke MacFarlane

NBCUniversal Network Summer Press Day

The hunky and openly gay Luke MacFarlane is a Canadian cutie who stands tall at 6’2″ and is our latest dreamy crush. Scruffy and handsome as hell Luke has an unmistakable ruggedness to his appearance and yet he also comes across as exceedingly pleasant and nice.

Luke MacFarlane for #ENDALZ

Here’s the thing: Luke hasn’t gone nude onscreen yet. We know! It’s practically traumatic. A body like his and he isn’t willing to fully show it off? It is truly upsetting, but we have hope he might do it someday. He’s so smoking hot that it would be criminal if he didn’t.

Luke MacFarlane sexy & shirtless on Killjoys.

These bedroom eyes, those abs, that package… did we mention the fact that he is openly gay? We’ve seen him shirtless over and over on SyFy’s Killjoys and yet it always feels special every single time. Perhaps it has something to do with how breathtakingly hot his body is? We’ll let you decide.


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