“The Push-Over” by Kent Neffendorf

Homoerotic illustration of an uncut hunk in boxers finding his naked roommate sitting on the face of another dude with an erect penis.
A hot gay guy surprised to find his “straight” roommate tea-bagging another dude. Erotic art by Kent Neffendorf.

Wow. This brings back memories. Sort of. So here’s some background on this illustration. Years and years ago there was an old gay print magazine called In Touch For Men — which you could never confuse with In Touch Weekly because it had pictures of naked twinks from cover to cover. Roughly 21 years ago — as you can see from the copyright date — I got some erotic fiction published, and this was the illustration that accompanied the story.

It was called “The Push-Over.” I think I based one of the characters on a guy I knew from work. It was one of those straight seduction fantasies. Can’t say I recall any other details about the story itself. But I do remember it took six months to get paid. I think I sold two other stories back then. But plan to sell porn for pocket money literally went up in smoke after lightning struck my house and all my other manuscripts got destroyed by water damage.

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