That fine physical specimen Raymon Fist has a sexy secret

Model Raymon Fist in bulging briefs showing VPL
Raymon Fist showing VPL in bulging briefs by Stefan Mreczko
Chiseled, long-legged Renaissance man Raymon Fist bulging in briefs. (Photo by Stefan Mreczko)

Psst! I’ll let you in on a little secret. Earlier this year — as recently as two months ago — a certain someone set up two anonymous amateur porn accounts over at Pornhub under the aliases Filthyloove and Ray Loove. And while you can’t exactly see his face, you do get to see his whole head — if ya know what I mean — as he gets up to all sorts of naughty business with a lady friend. This is what they call plausible deniability. While his face is either masked or pixelated, certain other body parts look very familiar. Warning: The aforementioned links are extremely explicit and extremely heterosexual.

Also, check out the shadow bulge on his leg. That’s quite a sundial he’s got down there!


Shirtless Steve Kelso (Colt Studio Group)

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3 years ago

Aw, damn! On those links you can see everything but his face!!! He let her finger his hole. Bet he could use a good pegging.