#FullFrontalFriday — Derrick Davenport showing his junk next to a pile of junk

Here’s a little (well, maybe not so little) throwback — nude Playgirl centerfold model Derrick Davenport. As you can see there were many reasons for crowning him 2006 Man of the Year, and those reasons can be counted in inches. (Click the pic to take the asterisk off his d**k!)

#FullFrontalFriday — Colt man Kyle Jessup & just a touch of leather

It’s Friday, Friday… (#RebeccaBlack) That means it’s time for fun, fun, fun, fun — plus some full frontals and a flashback. So here’s a vintage nude from the legendary Colt Studios — the company founded in the late 1960s that set the standard for nude male photography for decades —…

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#ThirstyThursday — Some Thor: Ragnarok c**k from erotic illustrator marccus

Hey, I know this guy from work! It is Thor’s day after all, so here’s some erotic full frontal fan art of Chris Hemsworth‘s God of Thunder with his Thor: Ragnarok gladiator gear. If Chris Hemsworth actually stepped into the arena looking like this Korg wouldn’t be the only one…

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“Manny deepthroats Josh’s big c**k. ‘F**k, it just goes all the way down…'”

Manny‘s already finishing up his workout as Josh gets up and dressed for the day. These guys have traveled to America’s gay capital, San Francisco, to meet up, and they’re as excited to see the sights as they are to see each other naked. The guys head back to Josh’s…

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Josh Hutcherson’s Gay Scene And A Bouncy Hard C**k!

* ? WARNING: This video contains sexually explicit footage and is intended for adults only! ? * The final season of Future Man brings hot gay lovin’ from Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson! Gregório Duvivier shows his super erect c**k in Invisible Life, the Blu-ray of American Pie Presents The Naked…

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Jeb likes that Manny has some muscle on him… and a big d**k!

Manny wants to know what gets handsome all-American hottie Jeb hot and bothered. “Lots of foreplay, passion, feeling… Kissing’s good, neck-biting, sinking teeth in,” Jeb lists, before asking what gets Manny all riled up: “Uh… d**k!” the bottom replies. Luckily for Manny, Jeb’s got plenty of that, and he treats…

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