#FullFrontalFriday — Ray Dragon and his big & stiff daddy d**k

It’s sinister with a capital “S” as leather master Ray Dragon commands the dark corners of your imagination! With a steely stare that forces absolute obedience, this hunk of raw sexuality will hold you captive in the most foreboding, compelling scene to come along in a long time, including a…

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5 Gay Streaming Movies With Erect C***s, Ass Eating, and Cum!

We’re kinda obsessing over the all-gay streaming platform Dekkoo, which is filled to the brim with hardcore gay sex. NOT SPONSORED! Check out some of the hottest hardcore gay content on Mr. Man in the movies Like Cattle Towards Glow, The Blonde One, Love in the Time of Civil War, Men of Hard Skin, He Loves Me.

“Nothing gets me busting bigger loads than a f****n’ dildo up my ass. That’s a dirty little secret of mine…”

Jax has some hot and naughty questions for Archie, like whether he prefers the lights on or off during sex. “Lights on. I like to see what I’m working with,” Archie answers confidently. Archie’s got a few questions of his own, and Jax blows the vers hunk’s mind when he…

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Suds & Studs — Boys from next door and their sexy speedo bulges & butts

Remember when you could invite six or seven of your best bubble-butted buddies over to your mansion to wash your car? … Me neither. But in the middle of a heatwave with temperatures hovering around 100°F, it’s a nice midsummer fantasy. With that in mind, here’s some sexy butt and…

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Mexican Nick Jonas Nude and Parker Sawyers’ Cum Shot!

It was nonstop nudity this week with Mexican Nick Jonas Alejandro Speitzer in Dark Desire, Parker Sawyers and Dan J. Johnson’s double d**k shots in P-Valley, Michel Joelsas gay scenes in Kissing Game, Waël Sersoub gorgeous bod and c**k in MILF, and Patrick Heusinger and Matthew Le Nevez in Absentia!…

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