Riverdale just had its gayest episode ever!

Cody Kearsley & Casey Cott kissing on Riverdale

The boys over at CW’s teen sex party Riverdale were getting dat tale in the third season’s twelfth episode, titled “Bizarrodale.” But there’s nothing bizarro about all of the gay spit-swapping that happened between Casey Cott and daddy-in-training Cody Kearsley! The two get down to biznasty FIVE different times in the episode, eclipsing the new shirtless scenes from Charles Melton and Cole Sprouse in sexiness, substance, and quite frankly artistry.

Cody Kearsley & Casey Cott making out on Riverdale

K.J. Apa‘s t**s were noticeably absent from Bizarrodale, but if the 5x pairing of Cody’s tongue and Casey’s throat doesn’t do it for you, you might be beyond saving. Check out some of the hottest moments here and let us know if a River runs through your underwear. Rite, ladies?

Cody Kearsley & Casey Cott on Riverdale
Shirtless daddy Martin Cummins on Riverdale


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