Richard Gere’s Daddy Penis and Keanu Reeves’ Gay Scene!

Young Keanu Reeves goes gay with River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho

J. Alphonse Nicholson dances in only his shoes on the latest P-Valley, Lewis Reeves gets pegged on the season finale of I May Destroy You, birthday babe Keanu Reeves once got gay in My Own Private Idaho and even showed his own privates in Henry’s Crime, fellow birthday boy Richard Gere showed his penis in American Gigolo and Breathless, and finally, Wes Bentley is yet another birthday stud who once bared his chub!

Mr. Man


J. Alphonse Nicholson dances naked in nothing but shoes on P-Valley
Lewis Reeves' cute butt gets pegged in I May Destroy You
Young Keanu Reeves goes gay with River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho
Richard Gere's full frontal nude scene from American Gigolo


Mr. Man - Naked Hollywood Hunks - Taron Egerton shirtless

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16 days ago

I remember renting My Own Private Idaho on VHS as an impressionable teen – thrilled by the prospect of possibly seeing two stunningly gorgeous (and adored) actors doing “gay stuff” together.

However, I gotta admit I was a little disappointed because the sex scenes weren’t as graphic as I was hoping they would be. My hormonal teen body was craving hot raw sweaty naked boning, but Van Sant went for something a little more tame. And like I had a crush on River Phoenix that dated back to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that made me circle back to watch his Oscar nominated performance in Running On Empty – so I really needed to see him naked and getting gay with another dude.

That said, with all the angsty teen hormones out of my system I can appreciate all those lovely posed homoerotic shots of River with Udo Kier and Keanu Reeves. They look as pure as wergin blood. Simply gorgeous. And there’s something about that shot of River and Keanu in bed together. River is a sleeping beauty and Keanu looks arousingly protective. You really need a man like that! Beautiful couple.

Ay! TLDR I bet…….

Van Horne
Reply to  FapiPapi
16 days ago

I can relate. Pretty sure that I watched My Own Private Idaho for all the wrong reasons back in the day. (It was one of those obscure gay titles you could sneak past the video store clerk without setting off any alarms.) Haven’t watched it in ages. Remember being disappointed. But mainly because I was looking for something pornographic. Gus Van Sant doesn’t do porn. (He’s not Wash Westmoreland. 😏 ) Even if he did include a fair amount of semi-nude beauty shots. Need to give MOPI another look.

Might also have another go Warhol’s Dracula. 😉

Last edited 16 days ago by Van Horne
Reply to  FapiPapi
13 days ago

I had the biggest crush on River Phoenix and cried so hard when he died. (

16 days ago

Those puppy dog eyes on Keanu Reeves. :sigh: