“Oh my goodness, you’re so promiscuous!”

Bare-butted Sean Cody studs Archie & Jeb making out in bed
An arousing shot of Jeb going down, about to give Archie some head in this Sean Cody bareback scene.

Jeb‘s got a few scenes under his belt now, but he’s still got plenty to learn, and Sean Cody old hand Archie is the perfect person to teach him. Archie gives Jeb some info and it shocks the tall top into saying, “Oh my goodness, you’re so promiscuous!” Archie replies with a laugh, “Well, I do porn, so that shouldn’t be a shocker. Are you a little bit promiscuous too?” Jeb can be shy sometimes, he says, but he’s not shy about teasing Archie with his mouth before sucking his balls and swallowing his c**k. The guys jerk each other off, and then Jeb can’t wait to f**k Archie’s ass. Jeb is definitely promiscuous enough to keep up with Archie!

Sean Cody

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Sean Cody - Ayden & Brysen

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