Is Helix Studios’ Luke Wilder willing to take one for the team?

Luke Wilder brought his football & jersey but forgot his pants (Helix Studios)
Handsome football player Luke Wilder going bottomless with a nice speedo bulge. (Helix Studios)
Helix Studios exclusive Luke Wilder, an all-American jock, brought his football jersey but forgot his pants.

Hi I’m Luke, a 4th generation San Diegan. I adore my city. I’m a fire science major, working towards becoming an SD Firefighter. I work the summers as a lifeguard and even on my days off am still at the beach.

Luke Wilder from Helix Studios
Sexy bottomless jock Luke Wilder ready to toss a football. (Helix Studios)
Bottomless & bare-assed jock Luke Wilder. Nice ass! (Helix Studios)
Luke Wilder, not wearing pants, squats on the ground hiding his junk with a football. (Helix Studios)
Handsome jock Luke Wilder sitting with his bare butt on the ground. (Helix Studios)

* See his erotic photos & explicit videos at Helix Studios! *

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