#FullFrontalFriday — Wanna see Alex Cross without these shorts?

Alex Cross showing VPL in a speedo
Alex Cross full frontal nude, big d**k

Giving the benefit of the doubt and assuming Photoshop wasn’t involved in any way, quite a bit of shrinkage had to take place for Alex Cross to pack his big banana into the hammock. And you can take another look at his VPL shot down below… 👇🏽

Alex Cross showing VPL in a speedo
Mr. Man - Explicit gay sex - Join For Free - Chris Evans taking off his clothes
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1 year ago

He posted these himself on his very own twitter. But they must’ve used photoshop because hes’ in the exact same pose in both pictures. I’ve seen it though. The full frontal one isn’t an exaggeration. 🙂 🍆