#FullFrontalFriday — Ray Dragon and his big & stiff daddy d**k

Classic Colt model Ray Dragon posing nude
Ray Dragon in flannel vest pushing down his big d**k (Colt Studio Group)

It’s sinister with a capital “S” as leather master Ray Dragon commands the dark corners of your imagination! With a steely stare that forces absolute obedience, this hunk of raw sexuality will hold you captive in the most foreboding, compelling scene to come along in a long time, including a final cum shot like none you’ve ever seen. This is one Dragon that’s going to make you roar!

Colt Studio Group (Genuine Leather)

* Find more Ray Dragon artistic nudes at Colt Studio Group! *

Colt Studio Group - Steve Kelso coming out of the pool in a thong
Best Live Male Strippers from Montreal
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