#FullFrontalFriday — COLT Icon Link Benedict manspreading in leather chaps

Link Benedict in crotchless chaps (Colt Studio Group)

With his finely sculpted body, a “V” shaped torso ripped with muscle and a deeply rooted masculinity that oozes from every pore, COLT Man Link Benedict is a true and bona fide COLT ICON in every way. In this collection of rarely seen images from the COLT Vault, COLT Man Icon Link Benedict proves he is the total package and a worthy addition to this elite class of COLT Men. See more of COLT Man Icon Link Benedict in his debut scene “Model Release” from Minute Man Solo Series #1.

Colt Studio Group

* Find more Link Benedict artistic nudes at Colt Studio Group! *

Shirtless Steve Kelso (Colt Studio Group)

Kurtis Wolfe, Matthew Camp & Theo Brady in Tom of Finland (MEN)
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