#FullFrontalFriday — Bel Ami’s Ryan McKenna and Jeff Mirren drop their shorts

Jeff Mirren & Ryan McKenna drop their shorts to show some peen (Bel Ami Online)
Jeff Mirren & Ryan McKenna with their shorts falling down showing peen

Guest photographer Benno Thoma is back with us today for our Art Collection set of images with Jeff Mirren and Ryan McKenna.

Benno has chosen to split this set into 2 scenarios, the first a ‘selfie’ session in bed, and then a more striking and artistic outdoor session.

Either way, both guys look great and we think Benno has done a superb job here.

This Africa series varies a bit on previous ones, in that not all of our photosessions end with a jerk off, about half of them do, and half don’t.

We’ll try to keep it well mixed, but this is the first of those without the usual JO ending.

Bel Ami Online

Jeff Mirren & Ryan McKenna Art Collection (Bel Ami Online)
Ryan McKenna full frontal nude
Jeff Mirren full frontal nude

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