#FellatioFriday — D**k-loving Dato Foland devours boss daddy Dani Robles

Dato Foland gives Dani Robles a blowjob
Dato Foland coming on strong with Dani Robles.

This is what happens when you’re so hungry for man meat you forget how to use a zipper. A c**k-hungry Dato Foland tries to chew his way through Dani Robles‘ powder blue business suit in Men At Play‘s suit fetish scene Blueprint.

Dato Foland gives Dani Robles a passionate kiss.
Dani Robles up against the wall with Dato Foland grabbing his ass.
Dato Foland kissing Dani Robles' butt. Literally.
Ass kisser Dato Foland wants Dani Robles' butt.
Dato Foland goes down on Dani Robles, kissing his crotch.
Dato Foland gives Dani Robles a blowjob.

The handsome businessman Dani Robles comes up against the rugged and unpredictable Russian stud that is Dato Foland, in a scene where angry tensions turn to heated animalistic f*****g. Dani, unhappy with the way his latest building project is coming along and frustrated by mistakes in the plans, threatens foreman Dato with no more money until things are sorted out. Pompous and arrogant in his three-piece, Dani antagonizes Dato who in his anger throws a soaking wet sponge right at the perfectly decked out executive. This is too much for Dani and when he fires Dato, our sexy Russian beefcake realizes he has nothing left to lose, so he puts Dani in his place by pushing him up against the wall and sticking his tongue deep into his mouth. Dani, as we know, loves a bit of rough. He is soon going along with the game and who wouldn’t if their opponent was Dato? Dani’s trousers are pulled to the ground for Dato to give that ass a good rimming and a long hard f**k. The power play between the rough blue collar and the pristine white collar man is always a sexy theme especially when the aloof white collar head honcho gets taken down a peg or two by his subordinate. The perfect blueprint for any Menatplay scene!

Men At Play

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Blueprint - Dato Foland & Dani Robles - We all know what happens to the best laid plans. (Men At Play)
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