#FellatioFriday — Caleb Colton goes down on Cody Cummings in “Hot Tub Suck and Rub”

Slutty gay cocksucker Caleb Colton pulling down Cody Cummings swimsuit with his teeth so he can suck Cody's cock
Dropping to his knees, Caleb Colton pulls down Cody Cummings' swimsuit.
Hungry gay c********r Caleb Colton slowly pulls down Cody Cummings‘ swimsuit in Next Door StudiosHot Tub Suck And Rub.

If you’re at all familiar with Mr. Cody Cummings, you know the man likes to relax. That’s why we’re finding him in a hot tub this time, along with a new friend by the name of Caleb Colton. Caleb, as Cody will tell you, is a super chill, very cool guy. During the photo shoot for the scene, the guys really hit it off. In fact it’s the only time a blowjob has extended PAST the time for shooting pictures. When Cody has chemistry like this with a scene partner, the action is sure to be fun, sensual, and VERY hot! But you can probably guess that, just by the sexy lips on Caleb. He’s a c**k lover that’s been eagerly looking forward to having some time with our Next Door Stallion.

Watch the way Caleb caresses Cody’s feet and body before reaching further underwater to unleash his fat, swelling meat. A wet, slippery but intense blowjob follows. By the look on Cody’s face, this is certainly the epitome of relaxation! Then the two move onto dry land so Cody can stretch out his incredibly chiseled physique while Caleb works more on the delicious d**k he’s worked into a massive, throbbing boner. Finally, Cody lays out in the sun just prior to an explosive ending, which involves Caleb erupting in pleasure on Cody’s bare feet.

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Gay porn stars Caleb Colton & Cody Cummings in bulging speedos. (Next Door Studios)
Prick-teasing shot of Caleb Colton pulling down trunks showing butt cheek, Cody Cummings showing pubes.
Cody Cummings blowing a kiss, showing c**k root, Caleb Colton showing VPL.
Prick-teasing homoerotic shot of Cody Cummings with trunks pulled down showing c**k root, Caleb Colton showing pubes.
Cody Cummings showing pubes, Caleb Colton showing his hot naked butt.
Cody Cummings showing pubes in front of a naked Caleb Colton.
A straight dom & his submissive gay c********r.
A gay c********r enjoy the scent of a manly man.
Foreplay! Caleb Colton kissing Cody Cummings' washboard abs.
Caleb Colton is ready to perform fellatio on Cody Cummings.
Caleb Colton on his knees sucking Cody Cummings' nipple.
A hunky straight bull about to get serviced by a slutty gay c********r.
Caleb Colton wants to suck some d**k.
Caleb Colton biting at Cody Cummings' swim trunks.
Caleb Colton can't wait to devour Cody Cummings' c**k.
Hungry c********r Caleb Colton taking off Cody Cummings' speedo with his teeth.
Caleb Colton pulling down Cody Cummings' swimsuit with his teeth!
Caleb Colton about to give Cody Cummings some oral sex.
Caleb Colton kisses Cody Cummings' stomach as he goes down on him.
Gay porn star Cody Cummings naked in a hot tub
Kneeling in front of him, Caleb Colton licks Cody Cummings' big d**k.
Cody Cummings bites his lip while enjoying a sweet blowjob.
Cody Cummings lets out a deep sigh as Caleb Colton sucks him off.
Gripping the shaft at the root and balls, Caleb Colton swallows Cody Cummings' hard c**k.

* Caleb Colton gives Cody Cummings a full service blowjob! *
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