Does Chris Evans need to put on a sweater?

Chris Evans partial nude scene showing side butt in What's Your Number?
Chris Evans almost completely naked in What's Your Number?
Chris Evans showing us a side of America’s ass that we don’t often see in his semi-nude scene from What’s Your Number?

With spring right around the corner, Chris Evans won’t be needing that Knives Out cable-knit sweater anymore.

Top Ten Sexiest Nude Scenes from Romantic Comedies

Happy Valentines Day! It’s a day to celebrate love, sex, and everything between so get yourself a glass of wine and check out these sexy nude scenes from romantic comedies. From classics like Jerry Maguire to foreign films like Grande école, these rom coms have a lot more than “meet cutes”. They’ve got man meats and sexy seats to devour! Click through to see who makes the list. 

Mr. Man

* 🎞 Superheroes don’t always wear capes (or clothes) at Mr. Man! 📺 *

Mr. Man - Explicit gay sex - Join For Free - Chris Evans taking off his clothes
Mr. Man - Naked Hollywood Hunks - Taron Egerton shirtless

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