“Devin is c**k-hungry & can’t resist the temptation to take both c***s in his mouth…”

Watch Devin Franco suck Vadim Black & Scott DeMarco to completion in Falcon’s Beach Rats. (Click for explicit nudes.)

Vadim Black‘s pal, Scott DeMarco, is cruising Devin Franco by the beach. When Scott walks away, Devin decides to follow him into the park. Scott rounds a corner to take off his clothes and by the time Devin catches up, Scott is already jacking his big hairy c**k. Devin doesn’t waste a second and gets on his knees in front of the hung stud to take Scott down his throat. Scott can’t possibly get any harder and needs to see what Devin has throbbing in his pants. Scott isn’t disappointed and drops down to worship Devin’s hard-on. In the midst of sucking, Vadim Black comes down the trail to join the fun. He pulls out his d**k and Scott gets to work sucking both hung studs simultaneously. Devin is c**k-hungry and can’t resist the temptation to take both c***s in his mouth. Scott knows that Devin wants the reward, so he stands up to let Devin take his place on his knees. Devin greedily sucks down both c***s, taking every inch of them down his throat. Both studs take turns f*****g his face until they’re ready to blow. Scott is the first to climax and drops a giant creamy load all over Devin’s full lips and in his mouth. Devin gobbles it all up and moves onto Vadim’s ready-to-burst c**k. As Scott grabs Devin’s backpack full of weed and runs down the trail, Vadim blasts Devin’s face with cum. Just as Devin ready to blow his own load, Vadim takes off as well, but that doesn’t stop Devin from blowing his load in the dirt. Was this really a random hook-up after all?

Falcon Studios

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Horny gay c********r Devin Franco kneels in front of Scott DeMarco & Vadim Black, taking both their d***s into his mouth at the same time! [An oral-only blowjob scene from Falcon Studio's Beach Rats.]

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