Chris Hemsworth doesn’t know his own strength

Chris Hemsworth arched back power bottom
Chris Hemsworth on all fours with back arched and ass in the air like a power bottom, playing with a cute marsupial.

It’s the pose that launched a thousand quips — and burst a million zippers on gay Twitter. While playing with a quokka, an adorable marsupial from western Australia, Chris Hemsworth innocently(?) positioned himself in the classic power bottom pose: on all fours, back arched and ass in the air like a power bottom. He’s done this sort of thing before. Maybe he knows exactly what kind of attention this is likely to attract. Keep scrolling to see some of the other times the God of Thunder accidentally or on purpose made us thirsty.

Nice ass! Chris Hemsworth in trunks at the beach, bending over with his ass out.
Chris Hemsworth, bent over, presenting his cute butt in tight black denim jeans.
Chris Hemsworth surfing in a skintight wet suit and his hot bubble butt looks amazing!
Chris Hemsworth with an open shirt doing a sexy shimmy in Bad Times At the El Royale.

* ? Superheroes don’t always wear capes (or clothes) at Mr. Man! ? *

Mr. Man - Hollywood Hunks Naked - (See Zac Efron hot naked ass.)
Double Dick Debuts - Matt Bomer & Andrew Rannells in The Boys In the Band
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