#CanadaDay — Deadpool’s ready to get mounted

Deadpool as a horny mountie (censored)
Erotic fan art of pansexual Marvel anti-hero Deadpool, naked with an erection and the Canadian flag draped over his hard c**k. Comic word bubble says "Happy Canada D'eh, Monsieur Trudeau."

We’ve seen quite a lot of Canadian neo-daddy Ryan Reynolds over the years — including lots of butt shots of his pansexual alter-ego Deadpool. But we’ve never seen his c**k. However, this fan art by Ed Draws gives us some idea what Marvel’s raunchiest anti-hero might be packing.

* ? Superheroes don’t always wear capes (or clothes) at Mr. Man! ? *

Mr. Man - Hollywood Hunks Naked - (See Zac Efron hot naked ass.)
AAG - Masculine - Red Hot - Three brands for the price of one!
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