#AvengersEndgame — Avengers Ass-emble!

Captain America's cute butt
Chris Evans as Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) showing his backside in an Avenger's Endgame poster.

I honestly can’t tell if this is fan art or an official Avengers: Endgame poster. These superhero movie posters are usually all about the butt — but they really made sure that we get a good look at Captain America’s perfect posterior this time by putting it right smack in the middle. Anyway, I’d give this loving tribute to Chris Evans‘ backside an A for accuracy. For comparison, check out the real thing below… ??

* ? Superheroes don’t always wear capes (or clothes) at Mr. Man! ? *

Mr. Man - Hollywood Hunks Naked - (See Zac Efron hot naked ass.)
Masqulin - fucking perfect raw fantasies!

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