#AssWednesday — Celebrate Christmas in July with thicc Australian hunk Luke Ward

Naked Christmas with Luke Ward by Jake O'Donnell
Bubble butted naked hunk Luke Ward wrapped in Christmas lights

So… Here’s all the reasons I decided to post these off-season Christmas pics of bubble-butted Aussie Luke Ward.

  1. He’s from Australia. It’s winter down under, right?
  2. Anytime is a good time for his sweet sweet man cakes.
  3. 2020 is a f*****g annus horribilis, and I can’t wait for it to end. So can’t we just fast forward to Christmas already and end this miserable year of hell?

Photos by Jake O’Donnell. Ho ho ho!

Nude male model Luke Ward with his d**k in a box
Don't open til Christmas, Luke Ward!
Naked Christmas with Luke Ward by Jake O'Donnell
Sean Cody - Ayden & Brysen
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