An Homage to Russell Tovey

Shirtless Russell Tovey in a gay love scene with Arinzé Kene from The Pass
Shirtless Russell Tovey in a gay love scene with Arinzé Kene from The Pass

Russell Tovey is one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood, and the fact that he’s openly gay is just icing on the cake. Cake, cake, cake, cake! Russell has so many insanely hot nude and gay scenes, and we’re rounding them up right here so you don’t have to. HOT TIP: For the full NSFW Russell Tovey scenes, head HERE.

Russell Tovey showing butt cheeks while shirt-******g on The Job Lot

1) On the series The Job Lot Russell let his smooth plump buns hang out from under his shirt. 

Butt naked Russell Tovey waking up on HBO's Looking

2) And don’t even get us started on his iconic HBO series Looking.

3) Here Russell has almost too many amazing nude scenes to count, including this butt jiggle.

4) We especially love this explicit gay sex scene with fellow openly gay cutie Jonathan Groff!

Humpy rear nude Russell Tovey on Looking

5) Okay, one last nude shot from Looking, we promise. 

Russell Tovey railing some man ass on HBO's Looking

6) J.K. we lied, here’s the actual last one. Sorry, but when it comes to Looking we can’t look away!

7) Russell even stripped down on stage in Angels in America.

Russell Tovey kissing Arinze Kene in The Pass.

8) And in the drama The Pass he had hot gay sex in a hotel room with the gorgeous Arinzé Kene.

9) Years and Years is where you can find Russell going to gay pound town with Maxim Baldry. See the full gay sex scene here!

Shirtless Russell Tovey on Quantico

10) And did you think Tovey would keep things covered on Quantico, just because it’s network television? His gay sex scenes say otherwise…

Russell Tovey in bulging underwear in The Pass.

LAST but not least this BONUS photo of Russel in his tidy whities!


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