An American In Prague — Blake Mitchell’s nude solo shoot

Gay porn star Blake Mitchell full frontal nude from Bel Ami's An American In Prague
Gay porn star Blake Mitchell (Bel Ami Online)

Our photosession today brings our latest chapter of An American in Prague to a close as Blake Mitchell gets ready for his flight home to LA.

As this was literally taken on the morning he flew out, we didn’t have time to film the customary JO at the end of the session, so we asked Blake to film one for us in LA and send it over (What we didn’t know was that Blake has chosen to change his hair color in the meantime).

The pictures today are taken for us by Eliot in our new Prague studio.

Bel Ami Online
Blake Mitchell showing a piece of his cute butt
Horsehung gay porn star Blake Mitchell full frontal nude
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Blake Mitchell is An American In Prague (Bel Ami Online)
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2 years ago

Used to be a fan. Til I found out Blake Mitchell is a self-righteous hypocritical douche.

He’s friends with Hayden brier – who is a whole-ass racist pro-cop anti-black Trump supporter.

But when I tweeted my support for Joe Biden back during the primary he blocked me cause he’s a Bernie Bro.

Like for real? He’s gonna gladly stick his d**k in some POS who wants black people dead, but he won’t even talk to you if your #1 goal is beating Trump? 🙄

Reply to  SkoolDaze94
1 year ago

Horseshoe theory is true. Some Bernie supporters (at least the ones who dominate Twitter) are so far to the left they more closely identify with the far right than mainstream leftists.

I never followed BM but some of the other porn stars I followed who seemed to be more politically aware than your average social media sidepiece posted some extremely disappointing opinions (tantrums really) during the primary. And while I wouldn’t write them off entirely, I did have to unfollow a few who were threatening to cast a protest vote – or not vote at all. Don’t have time for that kind of bullshit. Not today!