An American In Prague — Blake Mitchell does Sven Basquiat

Sven Basquiat riding Blake Mitchell's big dick (Bel Ami Online)
Gay porn stars Blake Mitchell & Sven Basquiat in Bel Ami's An American in Prague
Blake Mitchell makes something hot and spicy in the kitchen with Bel Ami’s Sven Basquiat.

Today we have Blake Mitchell back again in this culinary delight scene with Sven Basquiat, as many of you pointed out from the documentary, the salmon may be a little overdone, but being as distracted as he was, I think it’s fair to say that he did quite well.

Although Sven can be found cooking naked on his belamichat channel quiet often, he was a little nervous when choosing what to prepare for our American guest. In the end it did not matter at all, as the only thing Blake is interested in is Sven’s gorgeous ass.

Bel Ami Online
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Blake Mitchell is An American In Prague (Bel Ami Online)

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