354 New Penis Scenes and Noah Centineo!

Mr. Man Year In Review - Most Viewed Actors - Noah Centineo, Pete Davidson, Evan Peters, Channing Tatum & Jake Weary - Most Viewed Titles - Anti Reproductive Mating Ritual, Sweat, Animal Kingdom, Here And Now, Elite - New Clips - Penis Scenes, Butt Scenes & Gay Scenes - TV Shows - The House Of Flowers, Altered Carbon, The Deuce, Animal Kingdom & Shameless - Tags - Penis, Erect, Gay, Masturbating, Real Sex - Playlists - Glorious Gay Scenes, Full Frontals of the Famous, Hard C***s, Uncut C***s, Openly Gay Actors

Mr. Man’s Year In Review is finally here! They broke down all the juiciest numbers behind what Mr. Man’s users were loving in 2018. In this REVEALING new infographic showing you everything that was hot hot hot over the past 365 days.

The breakout star of 2018 was easily Noah Centineo [You came here looking for his leaked nudes, didn’t you?], followed by Ariana Grande’s ex Pete Davidson and American Horror Story star Evan Peters. Thank u, yes! Speaking of Pete, the cutie comedian went from Mr. Man obscurity in 2017 to Mr. Man stardom in 2018. Now if only we can get that big d**k energy IRL!

This year you guys were loving the super sexy and super erect boys of Anti Reproductive Mating Ritual, as well as the un-simulated gay sex in SWEAT and the homosexy shenanigans on the series Animal Kingdom. Rawr.

Their most viewed tag was “penis” and the most viewed playlist was Glorious Gay Scenes. They uploaded 354 new penis scenes, almost one for each day of the year in 2018. And the television show with the most nudity? The House Of Flowers. Which coincidentally you can catch on the TV network with the most nudity — Netflix.

BTW, the preferred browsing time? 3:00 in the afternoon – peak work hours! Office Space? More like Orifice Space. The folks at MrMan really love their ANALytics.

Mr. Man

Mr. Man - Explicit gay sex - Join For Free - Chris Evans taking off his clothes
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